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7 Facts You Didn't Know About UMBRELLAS

The umbrella itself has been around for about four thousand years. Evidence of its existence has been found in drawings found in Egypt, Greece, China and other places around the world.

Here are 7 facts you didn't know about umbrellas!

  1. 1786 – The first patent for the umbrella with the circular coned canopy shape was registered by John Beale. 

  2. About 2,000 years ago, the sun-umbrella was a common accessory for wealthy Greek and Roman women.
  3. The superstition about it being bad luck to open an umbrella indoors came from an ancient African belief.

  4. It was the Chinese who eventually waterproofed the umbrellas to protect the holder from rain.

  5. The annual market for umbrellas, in the United States alone, is around $350 million.

  6. There is an Umbrella Cover Museum on an island off the coast of Maine.

  7. Those little cocktail umbrellas that come in tiki drinks? They date to the first half of the 20th century, very roughly.

We hope you enjoyed the list!