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Why There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather

Have you ever heard that saying “There is no bad weather, only bad preparation”? Chances are a parent, teacher, or outdoor enthusiast has said it to you at one point or another in your life. And while it might not be the cheeriest of sayings to hear when you are caught out in a rainstorm, we actually think it might be true! Here are a few “bad weather” situations and some ways that you can be prepared:


What’s a rainstorm when you have the right rain boots, raincoat and wind-resistant umbrella in hand? With that winning combination, you’ll be ready for those spring showers and our wind-resistant design keeps your umbrella from turning inside out and soaking you.


Layer on the sweaters, parkas, snow pants, boots, gloves and mittens and you’ll be ready to go. Or better yet, prepare before the storm and stay inside with some hot chocolate, warm socks, and a good book.

Heat Wave

Beachwear, sunscreen, and sunglasses will have you laughing in the face of a heat wave. Double up your umbrella usage and grab your wind resistant umbrella to use as a shield from the sun, too.

Of course, in severe weather, you’ll be better off staying inside. But if you must venture out, be sure that you have the right clothing and equipment to keep yourself safe and happy through it all. Start by picking up one of our wind-resistant umbrellas from our online store and keeping it handy for all sorts of weather situations!