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Why Bother With Wind Resistant Umbrellas

Many people believe that as long as their umbrella keeps the rain off of them then it’s good enough and a wind-resistant umbrella isn’t necessary. And in some cases that might be true. After all, the primary function of an umbrella is to keep you dry when it’s raining. But rain is normally accompanied by the wind, which can be an umbrella’s worst enemy. The concave shape of the umbrella provides the perfect opportunity for the wind to blow inside and flip your umbrella inside out.

And what’s the result when this happens? You get soaked. Not only does all the rain that was on your umbrella come raining down on you, you are now left exposed to the elements with very little recourse. Most umbrellas can’t be repaired once they’ve been flipped by the wind, meaning you’ve wasted money on an umbrella you only got to use a handful of times. All of this trouble can be avoided with our wind-resistant umbrellas.

Not only are our umbrellas resistant to winds of up to 60 miles per hour, they can be easily fixed if they do get flipped inside out. Our special mechanisms on the umbrellas allow them to be turned back around so your umbrella is ready to be used again. That means you don’t have to throw out an umbrella after a windstorm and can continue to own it for years to come. You can place an order for a Crown Coast wind resistant umbrella in our online store today and never have to worry about the wind again!