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Why Black Umbrellas Are So Popular

When you close your eyes and think about the quintessential umbrella, chances are you think of a black umbrella. Black umbrellas are some of the most common, and we even carry two different versions of a black umbrella in our shop. From Mary Poppins to President Obama, they've all carried a black umbrella. So why is the black umbrella so popular? 

It Goes With Everything

Black is one of those colors you don't have to worry about matching. Sure, Mary Poppins could have carried a red umbrella in order to match her other accessories, but the black one went with any of her outfits. Plus it had that great talking parrot on the other end (a feature not included in our wind-resistant umbrellas, sadly). 

It Hides Dirt and Dust

Rain isn't always so clean. It can bring a lot of dirt with it in the wind or afterward in the mud. Black umbrellas are easier to keep clean because they show less of the dirt and dust that accumulates on them over time. 

The Color Black Offers Useful Features

Some people prefer a black umbrella because it's useful to help block the glare of the sun. It also absorbs the heat of the sun faster than other colors, helping to dry out your umbrella faster. 

If you want a classic black umbrella, we have them in our store! But if you are looking for something a little different, black isn't the only choice you have for your umbrella. We carry a dozen different colors so you can choose the one that's right for you. Place an order for your Crown Coast umbrella today!