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Where Does Wind Come From?

Our wind-resistant umbrellas can withstand wind speed up to 60 miles per hour. That's strong enough to stand up to virtually any rainstorm without dealing with an umbrella that's constantly flipping inside out or falling apart on you. But have you ever wondered where all that wind is coming from? How is it made? What makes it move? Some ancient cultures believed the trees were responsible for making the wind, but that's not true. So what creates wind?

It's All About Pressure

We experience wind when air moves from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas. High-pressure areas are made when the air cools, and low-pressure areas are created as areas warm. This can be on a small scale, such as between cool ocean surfaces and warm land surfaces, or on a global scale, such as between the equator and the poles. Wind is the atmosphere balancing the high and low-pressure areas. Wind moves around the areas because of the curvature of the earth, which is what creates the movement of the wind. The closer the areas of high and low pressure, the strong the wind will be. 

Make Sure You Can Handle the Winds

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