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What To Do When You Forget Your Wind Resistant Umbrella

Mornings can be hectic! You are in a hurry and struggle to get out the door fully dressed let alone with everything you need for the day, including your umbrella. So when you head out into the unknown weather and find yourself in the soaking rain without your wind-resistant umbrella, what can you do? We have a few suggestions that can help keep you dry until you get home: 

  • Grab to the recycling bin and grab a newspaper or magazine. It won't last for long because the rain will eventually soak the pages, but it can give you some cover to get from point A to point B. 
  • Sacrifice your jacket or sweater. Tent that outerwear over your head and hit the pavement. Great for a light drizzle, but remember if that's your only piece of outerwear you might be a bit chilly the rest of the day.
  • Hold up your purse or briefcase. This is an especially good solution if you happen to carry an oversize satchel with you regularly. Most cases and bags are made to be at least partially water resistant, however, you may find the items inside take a soaking. 

At best, these are temporary solutions. Really, your best bet is to put a wind-resistant umbrella from our online store into something you aren't likely to forget on your way out the door in the morning, whether that's a purse, your jacket pocket, or even in your car. That way you'll always have the rain protection you need no matter how quickly you need to get out the door in the morning.