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Ways to Use Your Umbrella Other Than in The Rain

We all know that a good umbrella needs to offer great protection from the rain. When we talk to our customers, they want an umbrella that is easy to open and close in the rain and has a large enough canopy that they don't have to worry about rain secretly soaking their backside. So while we designed our umbrellas to offer great protection from the rain, that's not all they can do. We know that the best umbrellas can do so much more! 

Protection From the Sun

We've said it before but it bears repeating: our umbrellas are great for a variety of weather conditions. The best umbrellas are just as useful in the sun as they are in the rain. You can offer protection on the beach so you can enjoy a sunny day without squinting into the sun or give yourself a little shade to read a book. The best umbrellas are something you'll want in your day pack, rain or shine. 

Coverage for a Quick Change

Have you ever been out at the beach and needed to quickly change into our out of a swimsuit and discovered there is no privacy to be found? Our umbrella has your back. Pop open your Crown Coast umbrella and have a friend hold it for you while you make your quick change. It may not be a dressing room, but it's better than nothing. Great for a little privacy when breastfeeding, too! 

Interesting Decor or Art Installation

Umbrellas have a special place in our hearts and imaginations, which is why they make great decor in our homes or even a full on art installation. Some artists use dozens or even hundreds of umbrellas to shade city streets and provide an incredible scene in the process. Take that idea and bring it closer to home. Gather several umbrellas and hang them from the rafters at various heights in a room with high ceilings. It's automatic atmosphere and cool decor without picking up a paintbrush. 

Walking Stick 

Whether you are feeling like a jaunty gentleman of old England or just need a little sturdiness on your feet and don't want to carry a cane, an umbrella is a perfect solution. Longer umbrellas offer sturdy frames that won't bend under the weight of being leaned on. Great for sidewalks and city streets, plus you'll be able to use your umbrella for its original use if things start to get wet when you are out and about. 

Quick Fix for a Pesky Leak

Have a leak on your porch, window, car, or other inconvenient location? While we don't recommend putting an umbrella up on the roof, it could be perfect to temporarily divert water away from a leak so you can fix it. 

Have other ideas about how to use the best umbrellas from Crown Coast? We want to hear them! Send your ideas to us through our website today. If you are stumped for an idea, we suggest ordering one of our umbrellas from our online store and trying them out for yourself. You'll be inspired to use them in any number of ways all throughout your day!