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Three Reasons to Pick Up a New Umbrella

Have a trusty old umbrella that you are still carrying? Some of the best umbrellas are the ones we carry with us for years until age and time do them in. If you are carrying an old umbrella with you, there are some great reasons to consider upgrading to a Crown Coast umbrella:

  • Your old umbrella probably can’t be closed one-handed. While a lot of older umbrellas offer one-button opens, they can’t be closed with the same ease. Ours can. That means you don’t have to struggle with your umbrella when trying to get in a building or your car.
  • Our umbrellas come in great colors. Is your umbrella faded or rusty? That might be a sign of longevity, but it certainly isn’t a sign of style. We have a great selection of umbrellas in colors that you’ll love and will look great doing down the street.
  • Your umbrella doesn’t stand up to the wind. Maybe it flips inside out at the slightest breeze or you’ve tediously repaired it time and again after the wind has its way with it. Our umbrellas are wind resistant up to 60 miles per hour, so you can walk confidently through the elements without babying your old umbrella along.

We know it’s hard to let go of an umbrella that you’ve carried for years, but maybe it’s time to retire that old umbrella and pick on one of the best umbrellas on the market from Crown Coast. We promise to make your transition to a new umbrella as painless as possible by providing you with fast shipping and excellent customer service. Place an order with us today!