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The Grand History of the Umbrella

While we like to think we have the best umbrellas, they certainly aren’t anything new! In fact, umbrellas have been around for thousands of years. There is even evidence that suggests the ancient Egyptians used umbrellas to provide shade from the sun. It was the ancient Chinese who realized these contraptions would be useful for the rain and used waterproofing methods to create umbrellas that could be used in the rain without falling apart.

The invention eventually made it’s way to Europe where it became popular thanks in large part to the rainy weather in the Northern countries such as Ireland and England. In fact, many of us associate umbrellas with England, and for a good reason; English society embraced the umbrella in the 1800’s and the first all-umbrella shop opened in London in 1830 on Oxford Street, where it still stands today. You can buy one of their fancy umbrellas (or head over to our online shop to find a much more affordable version!).

Since then it’s been a constant race to improve on the basic design to create the best umbrellas. Today you can find collapsing, travel-sized umbrellas, umbrellas with flashlights in the handle, and even our wonderful wind-resistant umbrellas which stand up to even the toughest weather conditions. We’re proud to be a part of a tradition that started more than four thousand years ago! Join in the tradition by purchasing on the best umbrellas on the market from Crown Coast today. We have a better selection of colors than the ancient Egyptians ever had!