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How to Prevent Losing Your Umbrella

Over 30 million umbrellas are sold in the United States every year. You'd think that number meant there would be enough umbrellas laying around for everyone! Apparently, that's not the case, though. According to Churchill Insurance in the U.K., 11% of people have stolen an umbrella in the past year alone! They also discovered the work, public transportation, and someone else's house are the most common sites of the theft. You'd be smart to keep your eyes open for umbrella thieves in these areas in particular. But what can you do to prevent the loss of your umbrella? 

Mark it With Your Name

People are much less likely to steal an umbrella if it's easily identifiable. You can go as intricate as an engraved plate with your name on the handle or a simple name tag sewn into the canopy. Even a brightly colored umbrella like the ones sold in our umbrella shop are less likely to be stolen as they are easily identified by the owner. Just make it stand out and a would-be thief will think twice about picking it up. 

Pack it Away

Purchase a compact umbrella and keep it in your purse or jacket instead of sitting by the door in an umbrella stand. People are less likely to grab your umbrella if they have to go through your personal property to get to it. If it's seen sitting by the front door and they are headed out into the rain, they might see your umbrella as a convenient thing to grab on their way out. Out of sight is out of mind in the case of most things, including umbrellas. 

Get High Tech

If you are particularly attached to your umbrella (understandable if it's one from the Crown Coast umbrella shop!), you can add some high-tech protection. There are small tags you can add to your belongings that allow you to track them via GPS or alert you that you are close thanks to a RFID chip. Most of these devices can be purchased inexpensively, giving you protection on your umbrella that your friend and family won't be expecting. Great for keys and electronics, too. 

Get an Ugly Umbrella

You won't find it in our umbrella shop, but people aren't going to want to steal your umbrella as badly if it appears broken, torn, or is just too ugly to carry. You could even go to the extreme of disguising your umbrella to look broken when in actuality only you know the trick to making it work properly. 

Of course, if all of this fails and you end up losing another umbrella either due to neglect or theft, you can always pick up another one in our online shop. We offer a great selection of colors and our umbrellas featured one-button open and close as well as wind resistance up to 60 miles per hour. Pick up your new umbrella today and enjoy free shipping within the United States and a money-back guarantee on your purchase.