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3 Features to Look For In the Best Umbrellas

Shopping for the best umbrellas? There are a few features that you'll want to make sure your new umbrella has so you are really happy with it. Check out some of the most-commonly requested features from umbrella users: 

  • One-button open. No one wants to fumble with a fiddly switch when they need to open their umbrella. Chances are it's started to rain and your hands are at least partially full already. You'll want something that opens quickly. Bonus points if it has a one-button close feature, too! 
  • Nice-sized canopy. You don't want anything that's too small, otherwise you'll have rain running down your back or side. You don't want anything too enormous, either, or else you'll be bumping into people all up and down the street and suddenly your umbrella will feel more like a weapon. 
  • Quality materials. Nothing is worse than an umbrella that falls apart after one or two uses. The best umbrellas don't have to cost a fortune, but they should last through the rain and wind. Look for quality umbrellas that use good materials and don't cost a fortune. 

The best umbrellas live in the Crown Coast online store! If you are shopping for an umbrella that offers all of these features (plus a few more that you'll love!) start in our online store. You'll find great wind-resistant umbrellas in a wide variety of colors with all of the features that you want. Place an order today and get free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee on your umbrella.