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The Best Umbrellas from the Big Screen

Umbrellas have a romantic history on the screen! In both television and movies, you’ll see umbrellas used in some of the most magical and romantic scenes. Take a look at some of the best umbrellas from the big (and small!) screen:

  • Gene Kelly’s black umbrella in Singing in the Rain. It’s one of the most iconic musical scenes from movie history: Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood, dancing down the street in the rain with a black umbrella in hand. While he ditches his umbrella in favor of the rain, that black umbrella is memorable for Kelly’s use of it as a prop throughout the number.
  • Julie Andrew’s umbrellas in Mary Poppins. It would be hard to pick which is the best umbrella owned by Mary Poppins, as the two that she uses have become classics: her black umbrella with talking parrot in the handle, or the white parasol that she uses while dancing it up with cartoon penguins. Either one will do!
  • The Mother’s umbrella in How I Met Your Mother. The sitcom, which ended in 2014, made a yellow umbrella a central part of the mystery of who the mother would turn out to be. The mystery was finally solved, but that yellow umbrella would delight fans for nine seasons until they found out.

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