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Why You Need a Wind Resistant Umbrella for Sunny Days, Too

When you picture yourself carrying a wind resistant umbrella, what weather do you see in your mind? For many of us, carrying an umbrella is something that we are more likely to do when it’s raining. Rain and umbrellas go hand in hand; they shield you from the wet weather and our wind resistant models can withstand the high winds experienced in many wind storms.

But rainy weather isn’t all that wind resistant umbrellas are good for! Umbrellas are great for sunny days, too. Sunny weather is a great time to break out your umbrella and keep the sun's rays off of you. While you can’t depend on an umbrella for all of your UV protection, it can definitely help. A cute umbrella can be a great alternative to a hat or caftan to protect delicate skin. They are easier to transport than a beach umbrella, too, so you can easily throw one in your beach bag and head out for the sand and shore.

Besides, wind isn’t just a rainy day phenomenon! That’s why our wind resistant umbrella is so incredibly handy. One little gust of wind on the beach could ruin the umbrellas around you, but your CrownCoast umbrella will simply pop back into place so you can keep enjoying your day. Get one of our umbrellas for your beach bag today--we have tons of great color options so you can get something that’s perfectly suited for your next summer outing. Place an order with us today and get free shipping!