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Why Auto Close is a Requirement in the Best Umbrellas

You can find all kinds of features on products claiming to be the best umbrellas. There are umbrellas with flashlights, laser beams, ones you can wear on your head or that are big enough for you and all your friends. The options are pretty limitless when it comes to umbrella features, but one feature that you actually need when it comes to your umbrella is an automatic open and close system.

A lot of the best umbrellas have an auto open feature, where the user simply needs to press a button and the umbrella unfolds without having to push the middle spokes into place. This convenient feature allows you to open your umbrella one handed so you don’t have to stop, set down your stuff, and pop open your umbrella. But the best umbrellas have an automatic close feature as well. That means instead of fumbling to close your umbrella before you head inside, that same button pops your umbrella closed. This is a great way to deftly move inside, into a cab, or just carry on with your day once the rain has stopped.

CrownCoast umbrellas have this terrific auto open and close feature! We set out to design a practical, useful, and wind resistant umbrella that our customers would love. This is it! Our umbrellas are available in tons of great colors so you can choose the one that you love the best. We’ll ship your umbrella order to you for free within the United States, so place your order with us today!