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Top Wind Speeds Prove You Need a Wind Resistant Umbrella

CrownCoast’s wind resistant umbrellas are something you are going to love the next time you are caught out in a storm. Our umbrellas can withstand winds up to 60 miles per hour and have been wind tunnel tested to ensure the best performance! That’s strong enough for even high winds during a fierce storm, but even our umbrellas couldn’t without some of the strongest winds ever recorded:

  • The wind speed ever recorded came from Australia, where in 1996 during Cyclone Olivia winds reached 253 miles per hour!
  • Second place belongs to winds recorded in New Hampshire at the Mount Washington observatory in 1934, when winds reached 231 miles per hour.
  • Hurricane Patricia in 2015 is general agreed to have some of the strongest winds ever. Winds measured 200 miles per hour, but surprisingly, damage was pretty minimal.

Thankfully, these wind speeds are an anomaly rather than the norm when it comes to wind speeds. In fact, even the most severe thunderstorms don’t usually have winds that exceed 50 miles per hour, and our umbrellas will handle those speeds just fine. If your CrownCoast umbrella does blow inside out, you can simply pop it back into place and head on your way. This is one of the great things about our wind resistant umbrellas! So while we wouldn’t recommend them for a hurricane or cyclone, they will keep you dry in even the most severe rainstorms.

Ready to own an umbrella that can handle the winds? You can place an order in the CrownCoast online store where we’re offering free shipping on all orders within the United States. Get the wind resistant umbrella you need today!